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The Beatles Romper


I love the Beatles! We have a new tradition in the house, after a holiday meal (Fourth of July, Thanksgivings, Christmas, New Years) we play Beatles Rock Band until wee hours of the night and just let the kids fall asleep in the living room as we rock on. The obsession is pretty serious! And there is never a lack of new fans, play a Beatles song for your tot and they will be hooked! This romper is so great, the hood and layered sleeves are hip and groovy, the bum has “The Beatles” printed on it. Get it at Kinderbliss, they are having a site wide sale, everything is 50% off with code HOLIDAY. Comes in sizes 3/6M, 6/12M, 12/18M for only $21 with discount code.



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  1. Think you might like this.

    Back in ’63 a young promoter booked the Rolling Stones for a church hall in England for $80. Hundreds turned up.

    He phoned Brian Epstein in Liverpool at his NEMS offices and booked the Beatles for $390.

    They never appeared.

    The town would not hire him a hall !

    Yes to the Rolling Stones and No to the Beatles.

    That amazing story forms the basis of a new fact to fiction novel now published in America: Tear My Heart by Cary Vincent available from