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GIVEAWAY! The Big Pony Collection Part 3: The Adventurous


Having been a bona fide city girl my entire life, I never thought I’d end up in Texas.  And I certainly didn’t think it would become the biggest and best adventure of my entire life!  When my fiance (now hubby) proposed and asked me to move here I had my reservations, but I’m so glad I accepted cuz it’s been a wild ride! I got married, had a baby and spawned a network of fashion blogs– Texas has been good to me! What used to scare me (open fields, cattle, horses and anything outdoorsy) now gives me incredible joy (still not a fan of creepy crawly things or flying bugs though).


Sure I will always love the hustle and bustle of big cities but I get my fix when I travel for work to New York or visit family in Taipei.  And when I’m gone, I can’t wait to get back home! Seeing our horses roam immediately calms me– they are so carefree and beautiful. This little guy is my favorite, though he’s a wild one and almost ate the Big Pony bottle I put next to him (I literally had to wrestle it back from him).  The 3rd scent in the Big Pony fragrance collection is the Adventurous— it has minty and ginger-y notes that smell really fresh and clean.  I love this scent and my horse apparently did, too.


Our long horn steers were a bit more difficult for me to adjust to (can you believe we own these bad boys?!). I still get scared when they come too close (especially when this boy started shaking his long horns at me– I don’t think he liked the scent as much as the horse did) but part of my Texas adventure has been learning to love these animals.  They are actually very sweet and calm and spend most of their days staring at our wild horses running in circles.  And no, I don’t ride any of them (yet), I just feed them apples.


Thanks for joining me on my daily adventures through my blogs. Now, I’d love to hear about your adventures– my favorite will get a bottle of the Big Pony Adventurous fragrance! I’ll pick a winner on Sunday, Dec. 12th at midnight (I extended this for weekend readers). Share your adventures with me in comments!


Check out the Adventurous Fragrance here.



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  1. My relaxing adventures begin when I take my dogs for hikes along the horse trails in my small town. From peacocks to miniature donkeys, we pass it all. There is even a moment of terror every once in awhile if we encounter that damn rooster who likes to chase us out of his yard as we pass by. The same feeling of terror was felt only once (thankfully) when the rustle in the bushes turned out to be a skunk rooting for goodies. He didn’t pay us much attention, thankfully. Anyways, after spending most of the day in the rat race of life, it’s always nice to get a quiet moment of time to myself, and to smell the air at dusk with my two favorite companions.

  2. Hi Tina,

    I love your writing style.

    And the pictures of the animals are great.

    An the image of you wrestling with the horse for the perfume bottle. hilarious.


    And thanks K.L.L. for your vivid retelling.

    I admire both your ability with words.

    My adventure is just life and knowing myself and I have found no way to describe that.

  3. Sometimes,I like to take the bus and just sit on it and it will take where where ever it wants to and I will get out in the middle of nowhere, eat at restaurants and then go back

  4. After college the general thought was I should stay in school and get my Masters. Coming from a close, motivated, hard-working family this was a sensible decision, but I wanted something more. So after thinking hard about how I could pay my way while living abroad I packed two bags and bought a plane ticket for Italy. I knew no one in Italy, came from an environment where I spoke with my mom and sisters everyday and had just spent the last four years working nonstop at school.

    Hands down, the decision to move to verona, italy and teach English to Italians was the best of my life. I made incredible, genuine connections and learned the valuable lessons of feeling like an outsider (have a new found respect for people struggling to learn English in this country)and that sometimes the best adventure is letting myself be “me.”

  5. I love this post, love the photos and love your blogs!

    My adventure began when I moved to New York City from a small town in Idaho. Taking the subway each morning and finding my way to work was a real challenge but it’s become my daily routine. I would like to move back to the mid west one day but for now I am living my big city adventure to the fullest.

  6. My biggest adventure (besides parenting itself) was at 18 and just 3 months after high school graduation. I picked up and moved from Wisconsin to Texas, where my highschool sweatheart was stationed after boot camp, to get married. 12 years and 4 children later it was hands down the scarriest (and best) decision I’ve ever made!

  7. Picture this: little me in a flameproof suit, helmet and gloves, climbing in the window of a stock car at the California Speedway. My biggest adventure was flying all the way across the country to attend racing school, even though I was afraid of flying, afraid of driving fast, and didn’t know how to use a stick shift. Despite all this (or maybe because of it), it was the most exhilarating week of my life, and I felt invincible after I got through it!

    P.S. Your livestock is beautiful!

  8. I consider my life to be one big adventure. I am 27 and have moved 32 times. My friends joke that I am an Army brat…but I am not my mother and father just love to move around. I have lived in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

  9. Last year our family went to Alaska (from Connecticut). I was amazed by the vast amount of untouched land…so beautiful!! My favorite part was looking at the Northern Lights. They were SO magnificent they took my breath away! I’m going back 🙂

  10. My daily adventure is my job. Thank heavens I was destined to use my law degree to become a public defender and help indigent people who have mental health issues resolve their criminal misdemeanors. Each day I get to meet and work with new and interesting people and, if we’re lucky, I’m able to help them. At the end of the day in the quiet of my car ride home I find the same sense of peace and belonging that you describe. I’m exactly where I was meant to be!

  11. I have had horses and still am lucky enough to have 1. They are unbelievable animals and have a lot of love to share. People are afraid of them because of their size, but they should only know they are big pussycats. I got started in having horses because we got into the harness racehorse business. I’m not like most of the horse owners, breeders and others in that business. I fall in love with the horses and don’t treat them as a business. When they couldn’t race, I couldn’t get rid of most of mine and they became pets. I used to go to the racetrack and was laughed at as I would put birthday hats on my horses and give them individual birthday parties. The other horse people laughed as they treated their horses as a business. To this day, I love horses so much. I am an animal lover anyway, but these animals are truly unbelivable. Thanks to my brother-in-law Howard, for starting me in the harness racing business to find out how truly amazing these animals are. That was how my real problems began :).

  12. This was many years ago we went to Mexico and took a day cruise by water to Yelapa it was beautiful,exotic and exciteing.The people were so nice,the food was wonderful.What was funny the day before we went on the cruise i had margareitis by Banderas Bay so i threw up on the way out to Yelapa i still had a great adventure.