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Tiffany & Co. Open Circle Earrings


Dang!! How beautiful are these Art Deco-inspired, open circle stunners from Tiffany & Co.? Plus next to that $600,000-plus diamond ring the $12,000 earrings seem like a downright bargain! I got the chance to check these babies out up close at a breakfast Tiffany hosted last week. Yes, I had Breakfast at Tiffany’s – on the main floor before the store opened – and I still can’t believe how lucky I am for being able to have that experience! The open circle design is gorgeous and though there aren’t all that many diamonds, set against platinum and black onyx, they’re so chic and eye-catching. 


Above is a photo of the first course at the breakfast. Dining with Elsa Peretti silverware was a dream and I seriously hope to be so lucky to have a set of my own someday (as of yet I’ve only got the cake and bread knife, which I bought a few years ago and I must pat myself on the back because their prices have since sky-rocketed!). The menu was hand-written, as were the place cards. The salmon was followed by quiche and potatoes, and my fave, a plate of fruit.

If you like the Onyx earrings as much as I do, check-out the Teardrop version below, which is available in stores for $22,000.

2 tiffany.jpg


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