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Wynn Wynn Ong

Wynn Wynn Ong is a Burmese- born accessories designer who calls the Philippines her home. Wynn Wynn’s foray into accessories design began years ago when she started making pieces as Christmas gifts for her friends and family. Fast forward to February 2010, one of her creations get the front page feature in WWD. In the time of mass- produced jewelry and accessories, Wynn Wynn remains firm that she has “no interest in creating two pieces that are exactly alike.” Looking through her intricate current collection named “Ages” is enough to transport you to the Old World, to an ancient civilization. The collection consists of pieces that depict mythological scenes on bold and hand-made vermeil cuffs like the Darius which portrays an Assyrian ruler and highlighted with a large oval rutilated quartz cabochon;


the Amun, a ring which features the Horus head with a crown of green topaz and the unique addition of feathers;


and the Meskhenet, a pair of curly forest ferns with green turquoise drops from Arizona.


The Darius cuff is priced at US $935; Amun ring priced at US $710; Meskhenet earrings priced at US $1,015 and are available at Firma, Makati Philippines. (+632) 757-4009 For more inquires about Wynn Wynn Ong’s jewelry, email or visit

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