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Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer: Saving Face


I have a ridiculous/humiliating story that goes along with my discovery of this wonder product.

In November, I took my mom for a mani/pedi for her birthday. I tipped the women after and I guess I tipped them more then they are used to, because she was insistent that she give me a complimentary eyebrow wax as a thank you. I was due for one anyway so even though it wasn’t my normal place to get it done, I agreed. When she finished, my eyebrows looked great, but that’s when the story took a turn for the worse… She asked if I had ever considered a lip wax. I gasped in horror and thought to myself, “OH MY GOD do I need it? Why have my friends never told me!? Those JERKS!!” She laughed and said my hair was very blonde and not noticeable, but I may look smoother if I did it. I told her yes, for cripes sake, take it all off.

I had no idea what I was in for. The lip wax was one of the most painful things I have ever experienced and I almost yelped. As I walked up to my mom, eyes watering, she was starring at me like I had two heads (two heads with smooth, perfect eyebrows). She said I looked red and asked if I was okay, but I didn’t think anything of it and wanted to get my shop on, so away we went. I walked into a store and glanced at the mirror to check out my new arches, and all hell broke loose. I kid you not; I looked like I had a bright red mustache and a red unibrow looking mark on my forehead. It is safe to say I never looked uglier. Like the ugly stick had just had its way with me.

I screamed and grabbed my mom by the hand and dragged her into Sephora, bee lining for the first concealer I could find. I picked up the Amazing Cosmetics AmazingConcealer and piled it on my face like it was foundation. In a matter of minutes, my face was calmed down and normal-ish looking, so I could leave the corner of the store in which I was huddled, using my mom as a shield from public.

I immediately bought the concealer because if it can save my face in a time like that, I knew it would do wonders for normal day to day cover-ups. It’s light, a little goes a long way and I would say, though it’s steep at $42, it will last you, and it’s worth it.

My other tip of the day: Always, always, always, save waxing for the end of a shopping trip, and bring a bag to put over your head.

Sephora for $42


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  1. Thanks for the very useful info.

    Even at the same place, sometimes I get a upper lip wax and almost no reaction and other times, redness with a distinct line that also later is incredibly bumpy-just scary looking.

    Oh, one tip I learned the hard way, really inspect the results afterward to make sure all the wax has been removed. Otherwise, the shininess below the nose looks like-well you get the idea.

  2. I’ve only ever done lip wax twice in my life and that’s plenty for one lifetime. Giving birth was less painful…maybe not but wow! I go regularly for eyebrow waxing and always come out of there red red red. I always make it my last stop. I know exactly how you felt.

  3. Dreadful waxing stories abound. Once the therapist heated up the wax too much and burned me! I ended up with a burn blister on my eyebrow. Now, I just have threading. You get a better line, a more natural-looking brow, and wherever you have done it on your face it’s less painful and considerably less dangerous!

  4. Good to hear I’m not alone in the agony of face waxing! OUCH! & I’ll have to look into Nair. I’ve tried it on my legs but never ventured anywhere else. Perhaps a future post! 🙂

  5. I can imagine the look, it would have been really a shock to see your lips and eyebrows showing red.

    Well I think I will suggest this concealer to all my clients and friends.

    Thanks for sharing and keep posting

    S x

  6. maybe one day someone will do threading in this town. I would have more than just my upper lips and eyebrows done.

    till then, thanks for the Nair suggestion.

    I have a scar for a couple of decades now right under my eyebrow from way too hot wax (too long in the microwave) being used on me.

    So till I have access to an experienced threader, I will continue to pluck at home.

  7. Do you use Retin-A or any other retinoid product? If so, definitely DO NOT get your upper lip or upper eyebrows waxed…like other said, threading won’t leave you nearly as red!

  8. The red is totally normal, it is just your sensitive skin. Mine stays that way for about 45 minutes after a wax. I call it the red Graucho Marx look!

    PS, Have had 2 babies, there is no competition, waxing is no biggie. Like any waxing, you get used to it.

  9. I have learned that 2 advil one hour before waxing keeps the pain & redness away. that said, you didn’t have much warning before you were waxed! but maybe if you ever wanted to try it again. my hair is dark so I find waxing the best solution. no threaders around here