Burberry Medium Canvas Shoulder Bag: Snob or Slob?

Burberry Medium Canvas Shoulder Bag.jpgBurberry Medium Canvas Shoulder Bag1.jpg


In my time working in the handbag world I learned very quickly that there is a time and a place for logos and they are to be used and displayed at only certain times. It shouldn’t be forced or too obvious. I give you the Burberry Medium Canvas Shoulder Bag. Exhibit A.

I love the shape of this durable little guy. I love the pockets inside and out, and I love the strap options. However, the seal graphic stamped on the bag bothers me. I get the fact that it would be great to use as a travel piece given its size and textile, but I think, on a daily basis (as the description says you should use this bag) the stamp is a bit… tacky.

I also think the $850 price tag it has is steep for a canvas bag… If it was about half that I could see myself buying this for my Europe trip I am planning in late August and would scoot around the world with it, but at that price I would not get even close to enough wear out of it to justify the purchase.

Thoughts? Slob or snob? Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $850.

4 thoughts on “Burberry Medium Canvas Shoulder Bag: Snob or Slob?

  1. I love the shape! It would be nice in a black leather…

  2. mochababe73 on said:

    I like the shape and the utilitarian feel to it. I don’t mind the logo. It adds to the utility. What I mind is spending that kind of money on a canvas handbag.

    Snob for the bag. Slob for the price tag.

  3. Its a nice bag anyway but then I think its too simple and its more like a school bag rather than a bag for going out!

    love the shape anyway!

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