Burberry Prorsum Men’s Fall 2011


Christopher Bailey once again turned out a sturdy, solid and stylish collection of men’s Prorsum bags for fall. More geared toward oversized pieces that leant themselves for travel, the duffels and totes bore minimal hardware and lots of texture. Naturally, I gravitated toward the ombré croc tote. But how could you not? It looked incredible! Big and roomy, it features an ample flap over top weighted down with a bar to keep one’s contents safe–not to mention maintain the bag’s structure. I also like that it’s relatively flat, but wide and tall enough for newspapers and magazines to lie flat. While most of the bags are geared toward travel, the whimsical colored totes will appeal to students and young professionals alike. They’re lightweight, come with detachable shoulder straps and have reinforced leather bottoms to retain somewhat of a shape. They’ll no doubt help Burberry continue its boom in Asia, where third-quarter 2010 revenues were up 26.3 percent “partly due” to the demand for men’s satchels.


6 thoughts on “Burberry Prorsum Men’s Fall 2011

  1. Loving the collection. Great all around pieces.

  2. Classic! Sleek design and great colors…

  3. Extraodinary collection! The bags are very practical and you can smell the fashion odour from a hundred miles. I`d love to see my fiance toting one of these.

    He`s busy pimpin his Bosphore Louis V Backpack which is fine with me, but these vibrant colors scream wear me, wear me! :)



  4. Anonymous on said:

    wow… a man purse… gay

  5. ShoeQueen61' on said:

    Man Purse?! I’d carry this myself–

  6. where can i buy these bags!! love the sky blue and yellow trim totes!!!

    the croc would be my ultimate favorite!!

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