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Derek Lam Akiko


This is one of my favorite colors yet I do not own a single pair of violet shoes.  I’ve always felt that bright purple boots or pumps  are hard to carry off unless you’re a one named performer (you know who you are).  The Akiko shoe from Derek Lam, however, may just be my first foray into purple shoes.  It is a playful platform thong sandal made of eels skin that will go with just about anything in the summer!  Eelskin is having a major moment right now; it’s an extremely durable (and inexpensive) skin and gets softer with use.  I’ll have to go and try these on first though, just to make sure the pitch isn’t so high that my toes get jammed up against the thong.  What do you think purple shoes?

$590.00 Made in Italy.  At Barneys New York



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  1. Well, let’s just say my opinion on purple shoes is that I had a good laugh when you said they were on sale at Barney’s.

  2. I have a pair of Tod’s flats that are mostly purple (a dark eggplant)and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I think purple is kind of a neutral, and I wear them with jeans, black slacks, and khakis (if I’m wearing a dark top). The violet color of these Derek Lam’s is a little lighter (almost blue), but I still think the color is pretty. The thong would be my worry, too, though.