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Felix Rey Toys & Trinkets Diaper Bag


No, I don’t have an announcement to make. A diaper bag to me is like a hairbrush to Serena van der Woodsen. We both likely will never own one. But while browsing ShopBop’s new bags, I spotted (no pun intended- get it? Because it has spots!?!) this bag and my eyes were immediately drawn to it. Aside from the fact that it’s gold and I’m obsessed with gold, the bag has two outer pockets at the front with “toys” and “trinkets” embroidered on them. Adorable. All mommies have different diaper bags styles. I am going to assume Victoria Beckham will simply use one of her many Hermès bags, but most moms probably would take a different route. Might I suggest the gold cheetah route? This Felix Roy bag has plenty of pockets and necessities that a mom requires in a diaper bag. At least, to me it looks like it does, because I wouldn’t know what one would need. But it’s cute, glam and any mom would be chic carrying it.

Available at shopbop for $395



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  1. As a mother of two, I would never pay this much for a diaper bag. It’s just not worth it. It’s canvas, but I wouldn’t dream of putting it in the washing machine. Besides, after a couple of months, you’d want a smaller one.