Gucci Large Top Handle


The moment I spotted this large top handle satchel from Gucci I thought of a great find from the back corner of your favorite vintage store. Imagine digging around for a secret treasure and finding an old bag with perfectly worn in leather, just worn enough to where it is still in great condition. I mean, that would probably never happen to me because I am the person that refuses to dig for stuff. Sure, you can find a great find, but for me? It stresses me out. But I digress. This bag to me looks like that perfect treasure of a bag. You find it, and alas, it just happens to be a Gucci bag. Well this Gucci bag is brand new, but the braided details and the deep brown leather make it seem vintage. But a “cool” vintage, not an “oh that’s neat but not really” vintage. The bag features plenty of space and pockets on the inside and protective leather feet on the bottom.

At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $5,300.00

5 thoughts on “Gucci Large Top Handle

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  2. Huh. To me it’s an “oh that’s neat but not really” kind of vintage. Looks super dated and not to mention heavy and uncomfortable to carry. Somehow I don’t think Bag Snobs Tina and Kelly would have said positive things about this…It’s really ugly…

  3. Alexandra on said:

    When I grow up I want to be either a Kelly (hermes) or a bayswater (mulberry). In the meantime, I am just an ugly, ugly bag…

  4. AndThenThereWasLeather on said:

    I love it. It looks rich and yummy like it would smell AMAZING! Brings to mind the Ralph Lauren Dr. Bags…

  5. I am totally the same with rummaging, I just won’t do it. I like to be able to walk around a store and for things to jump out at me. Totally agree with you Jenna, this is a “cool” vintage bag. Very expensive though. I mean half the price of a birkin? Too much for this bag.

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