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Hunter Original Rubber Tote: Your Winter Weapon

Hunter Original Rubber Tote.jpgHunter Original Rubber Tote1.jpgHunter Original Rubber Tote2.jpg

Remember when I was talking about winter totes last week? Well I may have just met my match.

For those of you who live in snow areas (which is pretty much everyone these days) or anyone living in a big city and has to walk a bit get to work, you know how important it is to protect your shoes from the elements, and to wear boots to trudge though the snow, slush, rain, mush and mud of winter.

My problem since joining the corporate world has been to figure out what to keep my big girl inside shoes in while braving the elements outside. I give you the water resistant, easy to clean Hunter Original Rubber Tote. This will help you keep your items dry and protected, while not looking like the usual bag lady that I usually do when I use 5 different bags to carry my shoes, papers, blazer that won’t fit under my coat and lunch in, in addition to my everyday purse. This is always a sloppy look and usually results in my dropping one of them, then my yogurt explodes and my day is already off to a messy (and fruity) start.

Pick up one of these tough guys and own your winter commute. $195 at the Hunter site or at Bergdorf Goodman.


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  1. Emma,

    These totes are gorgeous but only practical, imo, if they zip shut. A blizzard (or even just a standard snowy/rainy day) means snow and slush and crap will still ruin your stuff if the top is open. At least that’s how it always seems to work for me. I’m now firmly in the closed-bag set for winter (Chicago).

    If they zip, they are my New Best Friend.

    Thanks for the post!