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Itchy, Flaky Skin Fighter: The Seaweed Bath Co.

Ironically I first started looking into The Seaweed Bath Co. because my mother was suffering from seriously itchy, dry skin. None of her usual go-to products were working effectively anymore so when I found out about this line dedicated exclusively to fighting flaking and scaling skin with all-natural ingredients, I thought, finally, jackpot! The line was started by a psoriasis sufferer who wanted to soothe his own irritated skin without using meds or harsh chemicals, and his research lead him to discover the power of wild seaweed. Unfortunately for my mama when I ended up actually getting the products I found out that if you have a thyroid condition, which she does have, you should avoid seaweed! Nothing is ever easy, right?!?

I asked Adam Grossman, who started the line, about this and he said that his own research, “has led to complicated and differing opinions on the role on iodine on hypo and hyper-thyroidism. Since seaweed is a rich source of iodine, and bathing in it or applying it topically is a new way to receive iodine, we recommend that customers with any potential health issues (or are expecting) consult with their physician” – so just a note of caution! Luckily for me I’m not preggers and have no thyroid issues so I’ve been lathering myself in these bath and shower products for weeks (and that’s saying a lot because I almost never take baths!).

My fave products in the line are the Wildly Natural Seaweed Body Washes because they’re formulated with oils that won’t leave you feeling oily (seriously, even if you spilled a little on your shower floor you won’t slip and fall, though the packaging conveniently isn’t conducive to accidental spilling). When you apply the wash it glides on smooth (like an oil!), but as soon as you wash it off you feel the juices dry up and start working and you won’t feel any oily residue. In the same way that DHC Olive Virgin Oil helped Beauty Snob Tina, these have helped me balance my skin’s oils while replenishing it with moisture. I still apply some moisturizer when I step out of the shower though, but the combo of the two leaves me replenished, the scents are invigorating (good headache cures), and the tell-tale is that I have had no dry spots since starting to use the line (note to Seaweed Bath Co.: please come out with a face wash!).

The Wildly Natural Seaweed Foot Butter is another stand-out and good for UGG lovers (I’m one and not ashamed!), and if you’re into baths, go straight for the Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder Bath options. They’re great for kids too who will probably get a kick out of the water turning green (not to worry though it didn’t stain my tub), and soaking in the seaweed goodness is the best way to effectively rid yourself of red, flaking skin.

Check-out all the options here!


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  1. Another option is coconut oil. It’s antifungal, antibacterial, anti everything possible! I’ve been using it as my only moisturizer from head to toe and it has been amazing. Since it’s made of only one ingredient, there’s no way that you’ll worry about anything else messing with your skin.