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Jack Black Jet Set Traveler Set: Smooth Faces= Happy Girls


I was in a scramble on Christmas to get a little stocking stuffer for boyfriend. I went back and forth between a few different products like fancy shampoos, hair products or cologne. I ended up settling on this because he hates shaving and I wanted to try to make it a better experience for him.

At first I think boyfriend was uninterested in it, but after he used it, he loved it. The cleanser wakes him up in the morning and isn’t over drying, the shave lather is amazing and he had zero razor burn afterwards, and the lotion makes his skin baby soft. This is a great gift to allow them to try a new product out and see if they like it, which, I bet they will.

Best part? He shaves more often now, which means more snuggling and less stubble burn. Win!

Sephora for $25


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  1. my husband is *also* newly obsessed with jack black thanks to my creative elfing 🙂 i’ve found that stockings are a great way to get the man to try new products!