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Jerome Dreyfuss Twee Mini


Bag Snob Tina once tweeted that leopard print is a neutral. I am going to go ahead and consider her an expert on this. So I wholeheartedly agree, but I don’t know that this Jerome Dreyfuss leopard print calf hair bag is the right “neutral” for me. Though it looks slightly diaper-bag-ish, I also feel like you could put two, long and skinny straps on it and wear it as a mini, furry backpack and pretend it’s 1998. I was a huge fan of furry leopard mini-backpacks then, yet now, I’ll stick with a more classic, leopard look. What do you think?

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  1. You know, leopard can look either sleek and sophisticated like YSL, Celine, or like a fur toy from Toys ‘R Us. This bag resembles the latter.

  2. I love leopard (it is my favorite colour!) And when I have kids I would love a leopard print diaper bag hehe but this is all wrong. I agree with Debbie, it looks like a soft toy. Leopard print bags need to be understated shapes that let the print stand out on its own.

  3. I love any type of animal print. I wear it almost everyday. However, I am not liking this bag. You have to be very discerning and lend a critical eye when wearing such a bold print.