Jimmy Choo Vienna Sandal


You know that funk – when your makeup does not go on right, your hair sucks and you put on something that’s ok but not great but your funk makes you hate it so you try to fix it by putting on a belt only to make it look stupider, so you think you’ll be avant garde and wear an off the wall jacket with it and at that point you lose all confidence in your own personal style, in fact, you have lost all faith in yourself and the self loathing ensues but then you realize you’re 2 days away from starting your period which doesn’t makes any of it any better but at least there’s an explanation? Having these in your closet will make those days tolerable. Go ahead and put on those sweats (actually, sweats are very chic right now) and wear fake lashes. Crying fit, confused husband and 2 hours on the phone with BFF gets pushed back 2 days. At Nordstrom for $1095.

5 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo Vienna Sandal

  1. coachwife6 on said:

    You have written some funny things before, but this one was the best. We have all been there. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. VonKitty on said:

    Exactly!! Liking these shoes. Now I just need $1095 …

  3. Adrienne Day on said:

    I’ll just wait for the sale in June and buy them for 50% off!

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Love these. Also, that was my day yesterday. Funny stuff.

  5. Bag Snob Kelly on said:

    I might do that too =)

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