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Louis Vuitton Launching New Damier Infini Line


I haven’t been this excited about a new men’s Vuitton line since Damier Graphite was unveiled. While it isn’t exactly groundbreaking, Vuitton’s new Damier Infini collection, which will make its official debut at its men’s show in Paris on Thursday and hit store in mid-August, is exactly what I like to see from the masculine side of Vuitton: elegant, timeless and innovative pieces that focus on the brand’s core and don’t venture into kitsch. I haven’t touched the pieces yet but they’re promised to be super soft calfskin upon which the classic check print is embossed. To maintain a rigidity needed for this more serious collection, the interiors are reinforced and bonded. Did I mention how much I love structure in bags? The collection will launch with a few key styles, most notably the Keepall and the Porte-Document Voyage, not to mention a few wallets. I’m sure the Pegase will soon follow, as will a Porte-Document briefcase. And because the collection is all calfskin, I expect this to be one of the pricier men’s collections–far above the Damier Graphite.



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  1. I am not a man, but I would love to have that duffle bag. Absolutely beautiful.

    And, for my husband, one of the wallets.

    I am usually not a fan of black, but the black is striking.