Louis Vuitton Utah Tattoo Néo Greenwich


While I was crushed to learn that some of my favorite Louis Vuitton men’s spring runway bags featuring the tattoo work of artist Scott Campbell didn’t make it to retail, at least the one that did make the cut is gorgeous! Too bad it’s completely out of my price range! Cast entirely in the supple Utah leather, Vuitton reworked its classic Greenwich shape (which I have in Damier) in an all-leather version that’s both masculine and fashion-forward without being too gimmicky. The amazing tattoo design makes this bag a real collector’s item; it’s made using a high-tech laser perforation technique. I love how discreet the LV is as Scott tattooed it on. It really adds a nice element of dimension to an otherwise simple bag. This one is a keeper folks!

$7,150, available at select Louis Vuitton boutiques (866-VUITTON)

4 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Utah Tattoo Néo Greenwich

  1. Thank you for your insight, I appreciate your perspective & it makes my husband’s life easier:)

  2. Sadden all the bags didnt make it, but this will be an excellent gift for a guy.

  3. That is so awesome. I love this bag, unfortunately I can’t afford the smallest bag of Louis Vuitton, but maybe one day.

  4. Shop Around on said:

    Great bag, but that price point, wow.

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