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Marni Pocketed Small Leather Bag


Crossbody is my new best friend. I’ve got things to do and I cannot be slowed down with a heavy load on my arm. I have been using this Chanel small messenger my mom got me years ago, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful but it is from the collection with the giant white CC’s that wraps around the side. It is not only hideous but the most counterfeited Chanel style. Isn’t this Marni so much better? It’s got those open pockets for my phone – it’ll feed into my husbands biggest paranoia, he always thinks my phone is going to fall out of my bag or get swiped. But I live in LA where people do not get that close to each other and unless I do a headstand, I can’t conceive of how the phone will actually fall out. All I care about is easy access and no more missed calls. Most importantly, I got me a cute crossbody that will work with my daily runway of school drop off/pick up, coffee, farmers market, gym, lunch, Neiman Marcus (wow, is my life really that dull??). At Net-a-Porter for $965.



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  1. Alright bag. I’m not into cross body bags for day (still like mine large!). No way your life can be boring Kelly if your days include shopping at Neiman Marcus!

  2. Open pockets galore!

    One issue in regards to the open pockets, though – the bottom edges aren’t seamed together. That might be an issue…


  3. that’s a fantastic bag! The open pockets look great and easy to use, but I would definitely have stuff dropping out of them.