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Matt & Nat Hendrix Bag


Living in Austin, pretty much everything around me is green. Heck, I even drive a Prius. But I’m not one to yell at you for not carrying canvas shopping bags to the grocery store (because I don’t), but how clever is it that this MATT & NAT bag has a lining made out of recycled plastic bottles? So when you carry this bag you can feel good about contributing to the well-being of Mother Earth. But let’s set aside the green-ness of this bag, and focus on the actual bag itself. It’s adorable! This bag is faux-leather and features a print canvas panel with zipper trim. The chain shoulder strap is detachable so it’s a great casual night bag. Wear it with the chain to keep your hands free for dancing, or carry it as a clutch. This bag is definitely a great addition to any Frugal Snob’s closet.

Available at shopbop for $165



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  1. OK, I have to chastise you for not taking a reusable bag to the grocery store. If you don’t want to use some plain canvas thing, I’m sure you could find something stylish to carry your groceries in that meant you wouldn’t have to choose paper or plastic, neither of which is a good environmental choice. Once you find that “perfect” grocery bag, share it on the blog so others will feel inspired to carry one as well!

  2. Well, I get plastic every time. However, I reuse my plastic bags in my home.

    Anyway, back to the bag. The bags are cute. I see them all the time at TJ Maxx for under $50.

  3. Ugh. I don’t see how a plastic bag with 10% of its lining made of recycled bottles can be considered eco-friendly. These bags are made of PVC. That’s petroleum, people! And they’re made in china. We all know the great working conditions there. Not to mention links to PVC and lead content. Just because Matt & Nat tells you you should feel good about purchasing their products doesn’t mean it’s true! Take a look at the comments on this blog to see why: