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Mulberry Greta Large Leather Bag: The 7a.m. Grab Bag


Oh hi beautifully understated, completely practical, perfectly simple bag.

Mulberry hits one out of the park with the Greta Large Leather Bag. It has plenty of room for all your goodies and with its slouchy design; it is perfect for everyday wear. I can’t think of one woman I know who wouldn’t love to strut around with this on their arm.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to think too hard as to what bag to wear with what (example: me every morning at 7a.m. with a round brush still stuck in my head) or need a go to bag to wear with everything without much effort, then the Greta should be your next purchase. Also, tassels? Absofriggenlutely.

Net-a-Porter for $1,195


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  1. Really nice shape. I love black bags because the go with everything. I also like the tassel as it gives a bit of fun detail. Looks like an all round great everyday bag.

  2. CrossbodyCrossbodyCrossbody. And ONLY Crossbody. These folks should think about that when they design bags so ALL bags can at least have the option. It’s so EASILY FACILITATED.

    Adjustable shoulder strap(s). Or loops for an xtra long strap. Come on bag designers GET WITH THE PROGRAM. (You said yourself you guys at Bag Snob were wearing old Chanels that were crossbody. Busy women need FLEXIBILITY.