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Napoleon Perdis’ Swept Away Collection

I love NYC, but I’m not made for cold weather! If I could stomach the thought of driving and leaving my family I would have moved to California a long time ago. Meanwhile warm-weather vacations and sitting atop my heater will have to do (even if it does mean my hands are always cracking…). I guess Napoleon Perdis is of a similar mindset because his Swept Away collection is all about sun and surf…Australian sun and surf to be exact, because while East Coasters are freezing their bums off, it’s toasty in Perdis’ down-under hometown! I met the makeup guru a few weeks ago when he debuted this collection at a cocktail party at his 48th floor NYC apartment (what a skyline view…), and surrounded by all the corals and tropical shades I immediately wished the weather outside called for frozen hot chocolate and not the decadently rich hot ones being served!

The collection is adorable and totally plays into Perdis awesome personality. He’s so lively, fun, funny, and easy going…no one at the event wanted to leave! I so wish I had a niece to buy some of the shell-shaped shadows and coral, fish, and shell-themed gift sets for…beyond cute! Perdis told me that everything in the line was made using marine ingredients to go along with the beach-y theme: brown algae for skin-firming, seaweed extract for its emollient benefits, and sea salt for conditioning. There’s a lot to choose from in the collection, but check-out some of the stand-out values after the jump!

Napoleon Perdis Swept Away Bronze Bombshell ($65 Value), $39

Napoleon Perdis Swept Away Brush Set ($275 Value), $79

Napoleon Perdis Swept Away Siren Lip Gloss Set ($100 Value)
, $29
Napoleon Perdis Swept Away Kit ($80 Value), $39


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