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Oscar de la Renta Matte Python Grafton


“Forever” comes to mind when I look at this clutch from Oscar de la Renta.  Classic shape, neutral shade, sumptuous skin– you can’t ask for much more.  This is a clutch you would have seen on the likes of Grace, Audrey, Jackie– women who epitomize timeless elegance.  I stood quietly at the boutique stroking the skin when I first saw it; the gorgeous matte python feels lush yet appears understated, quietly commanding the attention of all who lay eyes on it.  I’m almost whispering as I tell you this, it is a bag for the true connoisseur of exotic skin clutches.  Get it now– use it, forever. 

Use “Coldwinter10” for free ground shipping at checkout (not available for shipping to California) $2,190 at Oscar de la and boutiques

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