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Shoes that make you go “ouch”.

Christian_Louboutin_Panier_120_Wedge_Sandals.jpgI immediately thought “OUCH” when I saw these gorgeous (yet really impractical) shoes from Louboutin. I love a good wedge as much as anyone but it must have a proper platform to support the arch or you end up walking tilted forward like you’re climbing uphill. This shoe has a 5 inch pitch girls, that means you are literally walking on your tippy toes a la black swan.  I’m quite surprised Monsieur Louboutin (master of the the hidden platform) would choose such a high arch though I must admit they look beautiful!  My recommendation is keeping them in your bag or car and whipping them out before you walk into a bar or restaurant.  Go straight to a bar stool or table, sit down, cross your legs and show these babies off but do not attempt to use the bathroom (especially if liquor is involved).  When you get up, make sure someone helps you back to the car. 

$545 at Net-a-Porter



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  1. Ha ha. You pretty much described what happens on a date with my husband. But hey, at least I look good.

    These are look as painful as they are beautiful.