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The Big Pony Collection: Adventure in Taipei


I am bringing you the final installment of Big Pony Collection photo journal project from Taipei! I thought it would be apropos to feature the scent for Adventure during my travels. I am not adventurous when it comes to physical activity, but it does not mean I do not have an adventurous spirit. I love to travel and while I am off on a far away land (although I do not consider Taipei to be a far away land since I was born here) I’d like to experience everything the locals love, as well all the tourist traps! There is no bigger tourist attraction in Taipei than Snake Alley, a night market that has snake vendors serving up snake soup, bile and oil. This is a little extreme since eating snake is not a daily menu item for anyone here, but obviously it’s the weirdness that makes it such a novelty for tourists. I did not eat the snake but I was wondering what they did with the skin once they are cooked up, you know cuz I don’t believe in waste and me likey them exotic bags =)

Just in case you’re wondering how I got these photos – I risked life and limb for them! I had to negotiate with the store owner and explain (unsuccessfully) why I needed to not only take pictures of the snakes but have a bottle of perfume in the shot with them. I was warned that the scent might provoke them to bite me – I would bleed but they’re not poisonous so I wouldn’t die (good to know!).

It was all worth it because this is my favorite of the 4 scents, it was the one I traveled with because I’m currently using it! I love it on me although it also makes my husband super sexy, so now the tough decision is, who gets to wear it? Or maybe this is the new trend, shared fragrance. Wouldn’t it be romantically sweet to smell alike? Get the Big Pony Collection at Ralph Lauren.


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