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Voluspa Candles: Not for the weak!


If you like really strong scented candles you should try Voluspa Candles (I have trouble pronouncing it, too).  I have never experienced such strong fragranced candles in my life!  And it’s not always a good thing, especially if it’s a scent you can not stand.  But in a scent you love (for me it’s gardenia anything) it can be heavenly!  One candle can fill an entire house with your favorite scent and it is a slow burning candle so it lasts a long time, too.  But before you commit, try the small gift size set to find your fave.

Check out Voluspa here

5 thoughts on “Voluspa Candles: Not for the weak!”

  1. I had a sniff of these at a local health store before Christmas and really liked the scents and that they come in various sizes in beautiful packaging. I am very tempted by the Crisp Champagne one.

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