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Alexander Wang Lia Sling studded leather messenger bag


I’ve heard all the complaints about Alexander Wang‘s Rocco bag (too heavy, leather quality not up to snuff etc etc) and agree with most after seeing it for myself but that does not keep me from craving the Lia sling studded messenger bag!  Throw your common sense out the window for a brief moment and just revel in the beauty of this egg shell leather bag.  Done?  Ok, before you start worrying about the leather getting dirty just think of it this way– next season you can dye it chocolate brown.  And this bag is not without its functions, there is a secret pouch pocket under the fold over flap with magnetic closure for easy access when you need to tweet, FB or actually talking on your cell (real phone conversations are becoming a lost art).  This creamy confection is $780 at!

Have you ever given in to the temptation of a cream colored bag?  Do you regret it?



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  1. I have a Michael Kors Uptown Astor in Vanilla, and I love it. I wore it for a solid month. So, I’m not scared of a white handbag. However, I am not convinced that I should spend my hard-earned money on an Alexander Wang. The Rocco was a disappointment for the reasons that you just mentioned.

  2. I think I love all Alexander Wang bags with rose gold hardware. It makes them look so feminine and fresh. I’m obsessed with rose gold and I’m glad it’s on trend 🙂

  3. Just bought one in black and I love it. It’s a perfect size bag. Not too heavy and still loving the brass hardware detail on the bottom of the bag. The price is spot on. I love my Rocco but seems like Lia is going to be my new favorite everyday bag.