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Anxious For Lighter Summer Hair? How To Blonde-Up Naturally For The New Season

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I am a blonde addict. I have been every shade of blonde under the sun; Golden blonde, beach blonde, platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, and the list goes on. During winter however, I usually muster up the guts and decide it’s just too much to keep up with and I’m going to go dark for the ENTIRE winter. This usually lasts about 2 months, and I end up making an emergency appointment and asking my fabulous hair guy, Patrick, to block out two hours because he needs to get me back to Kate Hudson blonde like, YESTERDAY.

I’ve learned to control this addiction slightly, and now, like so many others, I gradually go lighter throughout spring so by summer, I am the perfect champagne/beach blonde with even lowlights to keep me looking natural.

I asked Patrick when a good time to start this process is (it will be different for everyone depending on current hair color, but as a bench mark) and he said as early as this month (Feb) was fine to start gradually bringing the color up. He will do this in three steps so to not dry/fry my hair and make me look over processed.


                        Step 1                                     Step 2


Step 3 (Final)

Step one is my current color. A few highlights with more low lights below and mixed in (two low lights to every highlight foil). The next step that I will be taking is more highlights, especially around face and top of my head, still keeping the bottom dark with lowlights mixed in (low light/highlight every other one). The final step (which I can’t wait for and will most likely be in May) will be a mix of two shades of blonds as well as low lights to break it up (highlight darker blonde, highlight lighter blonde, low light). For me, this is the perfect mix to make me super blonde, but keeps me grounded and natural with the lowlights. I use Redken blonde shampoo, especially when my mane is super light. It keeps it protected from the brassy-ness of the summer sun.

This is what takes me from winter blah to summer blonde bombshell. Ask your stylist if this would work for you!


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