Bloch Bettina Striped Leather Ballerina Flats: Rainbow Bright


I can picture myself slipping on these adorable flats on a Saturday for a stroll to the park or for a casual lunch at a café around the corner on a warm spring day. These are absolutely adorable.

The Bloch Bettina Striped Leather Ballerina Flats are made of multicolored striped leather. They are bright and cheerful and would be that perfect pop for a pair of jeans and white t-shirt, or even a casual solid colored springs dress and a cardigan. I just love how happy these flats look. I want to put them on and dance around and pretend it’s spring time. Even though, clearly, it is not. Net-a-Porter for $200

2 thoughts on “Bloch Bettina Striped Leather Ballerina Flats: Rainbow Bright

  1. I just bought a black maxi dress that these would go perfectly with.

  2. Cute, cute, cute!!

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