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Bottega Veneta Deerskin Tote: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (or cheap)



This tote is pretty boss. It is made of super soft deerskin, has a casual shape, and is nice and roomy for all tote-able things. The leather is off-white enough as to not show every single thing the bag happens to come in contact with and the delicate look of the handles makes it possible to lug around things while still looking chic. Oh, and the inside is lined with suede. Not bad.

My problem with this is that it is magnetic top closure. I know this comes in handy for a lot of normal, day to day totes, but one like this I would prefer zip-top. I mean good god, this tote is $2,680. If you can spend that much on a tote, what valuables might you put in it? Diamonds? Golden bricks? A limited edition of Twilight autographed by the entire cast and kissed by R Patz himself? I could just see someone’s sly little hand slipping into this baby and stealing my goodies… like my wallet, iPod or, god forbid, my handy wipes (the horror!). Though this tote is all things fabulous (minus the magnetic closure) and would look just peachy on your trip out to visit friends on the weekend for some Scattegories and cinnamon buns, I think I’ll have to skip it. I would be too concerned for the safety of my belongings, and the price tag makes my knees weak.



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  1. BV has a few bags with these magnetic closures, and they are very expensive bags. My issue isn’t so much with the closure itself, it is that it shows on the outside. I feel it really cheapens the whole look of the bag and ruins it for me. I have liked a number of these types of totes they made, but that detail prevented me from getting one every time.

  2. I am ok with the magnet but not the with the price tag attached to this colour which regardless of being off white will easily stain. I would love to be able ot use my BV bag without the fear or ruining it. Also the handles appear too short for carrying the bag on the shoulder, regardless of the strap. For a cheaper version I chose the Gerard Darel bag which has very similar shape, long enough handles and fraction of the price. And I do not want to kill myself with the first stain.

  3. I just bought a leather handbag on sale for $69 (from $300), and the magnetic closure is hidden. For this price, I shouldn’t see all three of them.

    I agree with Rowanhill, the top handles seem inadequate for such a large bag. That strap doesn’t even look sturdy. A bag this large is going to be stuffed, and I can just envision the strap cutting into my shoulders or the crook of my elbow.

    Too bad because I am one woman not afraid of an off white bag. I own two.

  4. Is it just me or do the straps look too flimsy for a bag of this size? Women who buy big bags, usually fill them. The straps don’t look like they can take too much weight.

  5. I actually like the size of the handles– I think they’re integral to the overall “appeal” of the bag. Yet, I do agree that a tote of this size should have darker color options. A zipper closure would also be nice. Or larger, rectangular magnets– something that doesn’t have that refrigerator aesthetic…

  6. i am a BV fan but this bag is just over price….It should be under $2K for this kinda of design. No zipper and white color are “no no” for me.

  7. my guess is the handles are short so your bag doesn’t drag on the ground when you want to carry it with your hands, but when the palm beach weather starts to kick, viola! shoulder straps.