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Burberry Landscape Leather Tote: Don’t Judge A Bag By Its Color


When I first saw this I was all like, “Oh, neat, a brown leather bag. How original. Way to reinvent the wheel.” But then, I took a gander closer. Something about the grainy leather pulled me in. The cinched detail caught my eye and before I knew it, I was totally crushing all over the Burberry Landscape Leather tote. Fooled again.

It’s not that I normally don’t like brown sensible leather bags; it’s that sometimes they can get a bit monotonous no matter who makes them. The textures can blend, the shapes can seem like they all mold into one, and there’s nothing that really jumps out and grabs you by the bra straps about any of them. But if you look closely at this handsome guy you will see there is more to him than what originally meets the eye. The understated style, regal design and simplistic beauty make this seemingly normal bag, a statement. You could carry this often and not get tired of looking at its subtle chic-ness, and with its size and easy to wear shape; this might even turn in to your go-to day bag.

Check it out for yourself @ NeimanMarcus for $1195


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  1. That is absolutely my kind of a bag – just as you said – chic, understated. Love the design and overall blend – and most of all – is that a raw edge? I forgive them, even if it is coated, at least its there, and that’s what makes this classic bag look fresh. Love it. If I were to spend a 4 digit amount on a purse, this one would be among top 3 picks…

  2. I don’t like how the handle joins the bag, maybe it’s the scalloped top of the bag? Something just isn’t right with this one.