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Burts Bees Lip Balm: BEEutiful.


Burts Bees is a godsend for anyone who spends anytime outside regardless of season. It is a staple for me and I keep one in my purse, in the office and beside my bed. It’s nourishing, smooth and all natural and makes my lips soft and smooth while protecting it from wind, sun, and dryness. They have really expanded their lip line lately and now offer everything from balm to shimmers and glosses for those of us who want some color while still keeping our lips healthy.

The super shiny lip gloss comes in 6 different colors and is super moisturizing while offering a high gloss finish it’s perfect for an everyday wear. The new tinted lip balm also comes in 6 shades and has rich shea butter to make your lips super soft. They also have a shimmer which is subtle, yet pretty. However, my personal favorite gets back to the basics of Burts Bees and is the lifeguard’s choice lip balm. This protects against wind, sun and sea and is perfect for not only beach days, but ski trips. While whipping down the slopes my lips tend to dry out first. This protects, moisturizes and even leaves a subtle pink tint (which I fell in love with after my friend let me try hers, which is the real reason I bought it, then found out how useful it was… Thanks, Liz!).

You can find all these great products and more @ Best part? Everything product I just listed is under $7. Practical and affordable; how beeutiful.



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