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Camilla Belle in Jil Sander


Camilla Belle is making the media rounds to promote her new film, cheesily named “From Prada to Nada.” I am pretty thankful for this movie, not because of the movie, but I love when Camilla is attending events. She always looks stunning and she gives good red carpet. The actress wore Jil Sander Spring 2011 to film “Conan” and I couldn’t be happier. Several fashionable stars have been wearing looks from Jil Sander’s Spring collection and Camilla added a great look to the quickly growing list. This orange, blue and green dress is so bright and vibrant it makes me want to paint my nails a freakishly bright color. Thought I was going to say I wanted to wear the dress? I do, but it’s too cold for that. Her olive skin looks lovely against the short tank dress. Adorable.

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