Derek Lam Shoulder Bag: Calling all Charlottes


This is one for the prepster in all of us. The Derek Lam shoulder bag in bright red is pure snob. The chain-link and leather strap is adorable, the calf leather is rich and soft and the little fringe tassel is the cherry on top of this delicious bag. It’s simple in its design, but makes a firm statement with the eye-catching color that will stand out in a neutral world.

This is a chic, timeless piece that would add class to any outfit. This makes me think of lunches at The Plaza, followed by a hop across the street to Bergdorf’s, then a day of museums and more shopping for glamorous lamps and maybe even hats. Charlotte York would be all over this red-hot number, and you can be to. Head over to Barneys and pick it up for a measly (wink) $1090.

2 thoughts on “Derek Lam Shoulder Bag: Calling all Charlottes

  1. I have never considered myself a Charlotte – a wannabe Carrie who dresses more like Miranda, but I adore that purse!

  2. mochababe73 on said:

    It’s okay. The color is definitely a standout. If it were black, I wouldn’t give it a second look. For some reason, I want a tiny more hardware.

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