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Donna Karan $9,800 Crocodile Bag Giveaway


You need to sit down before you read this. Ready? Ok, Donna Karan is giving away an alligator bag worth $9,800!!!  Are you dying over the shiny patent finish with gunmetal hardware?  A chic and sleek tote to carry you through your daily life, we all need one of these but too bad they are only giving one away.  Not to worry about me though, I entered before sharing the news with you.  I mean finally, a bag contest I’m eligible to win (one entry per person but I’m going to make everyone in my vast family sign up!).  There are two ways to enter– go to or to any Donna Karan New York store from now until 3/17.

Make sure you tell them Bag Snob sent you. No no, it won’t help you. But it will help me to know who I’m up against.

8 thoughts on “Donna Karan $9,800 Crocodile Bag Giveaway

  1. Adrienne Challinor on said:

    WOW! It is beautiful! I hope it ends up on MY arm!!

    chichijunk at cs dot com

  2. OMG!!

    It look really beautiful, but don’t you think it is very much coastly as well.

    I want such a bag for my wife but on nominal rates.


  3. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    Um, this is a giveaway. Which means it’s FREE. Don’t think you can get more economical than that :)

  4. I signed up!! I’ve got my fingers crossed. I hardly win anything so I’m hoping this time I’ll get lucky!

  5. mochababe73 on said:

    I am not a fan of crocodile or black, but I signed up. If I win, I will wear. When it comes to free, I don’t turn down anything but my collar. LOL!

  6. Ahh, sometimes I wish I lived in the USA. I hope you make another international giveaway though :)

  7. Antoinette on said:

    Almost $10,000 for a purse? Come on…I will admit that I’m hypocritical and still signed up for it lol. Don’t judge me. I’ll probably be the one to win haha. I’m leaving on the pricetag though.

  8. Frances Rollins on said:

    would love to have a beautiful handbag,but beacause of sever illness s there is nevwr no monry for them,but I am n ot complaing I am still alive in pain but God has been good to me so good luck to all thaqt enter.

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