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Frugal Snob: essence Winter Collection

There’s frugal and then there’s FRUGAL and essence is frugal with everything from “f” to “l” in bold capital letters! I’m talking cheaper than Revlon, Rimmel London, L’Oreal, and pretty much every other drug store buy you can think of. How does that translate when it comes to quality? Don’t expect smoother than smooth eye shadows or completely clump-free mascara, but with shadow palette and mascara prices ranging from $1.99 to about $3.99, there’s no arguing. Plus the mascara I tried (the Multi-Effect in black for $1.99) was way better than pricier wands I’ve used from Rimmel London (Rimmel owes me about 20 eyelashes!!). essence just launched a bunch of new products including new shadows, eye pencil duos, mascaras, lip liners, lipsticks, lip glosses, powders, blushes, and my fave, $.99 nail polishes.

The most impressive thing about the line is that it’s manufactured in Frankfurt, which just goes to show how over-priced many of the made in China cosmetics we buy are. I’m just hoping essence comes out with body products…I wouldn’t mind trying some $.99 body wash!


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