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Frugal Snob: New Crabtree & Evelyn Citron

The fact that I drink copious amounts of tea every day and squeeze half a lemon in each cup is a testament to us all being able to change our taste buds. I used to HATE lemons, it was right up there with mint and peanut butter&jelly (seriously, who thought of that combo?), when it came to making me cringe. In reading countless books about preventing cancer with nutrition, I couldn’t get over how rich in Vitamin C, how wonderful of a detoxifier, and stimulant to the digestive system lemons supposedly are, not to mention that some people believe they can help with sugar cravings. With all that in mind I stocked up on Meyer lemons and started squeezing away! Now I can’t imagine enjoying tea without a lemon. I do think it helps immensely with digestion, not so much for my sugar cravings (have a suggestion for a sugar craving fighter? Please share!). So, because they say beauty works from the inside out and the outside in, what could be better that lathering myself in lemon, right?

Today Crabtree & Evelyn added a bunch of new products to their Citron line, each of which are formulated with lemon, honey, and coriander. They sent me samples to try a few weeks ago and every time I’ve had a stomach ache I’ve rubbed my stomach with some of their Skin Quenching Body Lotion in a circular motion clockwise with my right hand from the center, making progressively larger circles and then reversing the direction (a tip I picked up from JB Berns’ book “DO IT or Age Quickly”), and it has done the soothing trick. Plus it’s good mental relaxation tool.  Jump for what’s included in the new Citron range!

The botanically-based range includes –

Skin Smoothing Body Scrub ($18)

Skin Indulging Body Souffle ($28)

Skin Cleansing Bath & Shower Gel ($18)

Refreshing Body Bar ($10)

Skin Quenching Body Lotion ($18)

Ultra Moisturizing Lip Butter ($7.50)

The line is very lemon-y. I didn’t notice the honey or any herb notes that you might expect from coriander, so only try Citron if you’re into lemon! Are you a lemon fan?


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