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Givenchy Black Tote with Red Straps



Is this bag simple? Yes. Is even the name a little un-creative? Indeed. Do I think it’s as cute as a puppy in a duck costume? Yes, yes I do. The Givenchy Black Tote is as functional as it is fantastic. The red straps totally make this worth selling some old jewelry your ex gave you that is sitting in the bottom of your jewelry box in a knot right now looking ugly and full of secrets.

This black tote also comes with a longer black strap making this a perfect accessory to carry on a trip. It’s sizeable enough to fit wallet, phone, snacks and that copy of Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit edition that you buy every year to torture yourself and sit on the plane and study the bodies of these creatures to finally decide airbrushing has really gotten out of hand and you feel sorry for these girls being in the magazine in the first place. Then proceed to throw back a Yoo-Hoo and snacks and feel good about the fact that you are a real woman, not a swimsuit alien from a Brazilian different planet to be gawked over.

Functional and cute, this would be an easy wear to throw something on and grab. It’s casual but classy and I would certainly get a lot of miles out of it. But you will pay for those miles. This red handled beauty is $1,660 @Elyse Walker



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  1. Liking the bag and loving your comments! Emma, you should write a book one day. You make me laugh every morning when I read one of the Snob sites.

  2. Beauty hides in simple concepts. Who could have thought that a simple black satchel with simple red straps (the most predictable of color combinations) could make one of the most breathtaking bags of the season? Totally covetable, totally timeless, totally chic! Congrats to the Givenchy creative team for coming up with such a simple yet totally fab idea!

  3. I bought the Nightingale when it first came on the market. Tina had posted, and I was smitten. Four? years later, it is still my go to bag. This bag is like The Clash, it always seems/sounds fresh!