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Juicy Couture Stone Cluster Watch Band Bracelet


I’m just going to say it – I sometimes like Juicy Couture and I’m comfortable with the fact that I’m not embarrassed about it anymore…there I said it! I’ve gotten a few items these past few months and surprsingly not only from their Bird line (in fact this awesome cocoon coat I wore a ton in the Fall and this fun velvet clutch I picked-up a few months ago, are now both on sale). Plus their stores are really fun to shop in – I’m talking faux animal heads wearing lipstick and chandelier earrings on their walls. When it comes to jewelery that doesn’t take itself too seriously they’ve got some awesome options and SSENSE has a great sale on some of them! I’d never use this band bracelet as a watch, but for $27, why not order three or four and wear them stacked as statement bracelets? They come in a few vintage-inspired iterations and are versatile enough to wear day or night.

What are your feelings about Juicy Couture jewelery?


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