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Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe Tinted Treatment


It’s not everyday that you come across a life changing product but when you do– you should share it with the world (at least that’s what I do)! I discovered Peau Vierge at North Park Neiman Marcus two weeks ago (my home away from home– the cosmetic SAs are so friendly and always let me play around without complaint) at the Le Metier de Beaute counter when my friend got a make over and I watched her lose 10 years in front of my eyes.  It was that noticeable!  I nearly shoved her off that chair so I could try it but since we were in public and there were witnesses I decided to wait. 

When I finally got a turn I almost fell off my chair– my pores were completely gone and I had the same kind of glow my six year old has.  It’s a subtle sheen that only the very young have on the skin, no oiliness or any kind of shine– just a youthful brilliance.  I am not exaggerating when I say Peau Vierge has completely changed my life (along with several friends whom I’ve dragged to the counter since then). 

What is it you ask?  It’s a tinted anti-aging complex that tightens pores, lessens dark circles and stimulates collagen production all day long (and if you forget to wash your face one night, don’t worry, it’s actually good for the skin!).  As you know, I have many favorite tinted moisturizers but none have the same skin rejuvenation effects that Peau Vierge has. The secret ingredient is Retinol, which penetrates the skin layer deep to stimulate collagen growth– it also has spf 20 so you don’t have to worry about sun exposure.  The coverage is sheer but if you layer it you can get a decent medium coverage.  For evening I mix it with foundation for extra coverage.

I got enough samples for 2 weeks because they were SOLD OUT of the Light/Medium shade but the minute they’re re-stocked I will be back at that counter faster than you can spell Virgin Skin.

Price: $125.00 at Neiman Marcus

I am not messing around, GO TO THE Le Metier de Beaute COUNTER ASAP AND TRY FOR YOURSELF.  You’re welcome. 



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  1. I have been using this since it came out last year, love, love it and have you tried their eye shadows? Amazing colors and they blend better than any I have tried. The whole line is great.

  2. Its true the SAs are very generous with samples! I have tried this and wanted to love it, but it dries my skin out too much, probably because I use retinol at night. I’m also not convinced that it has sufficient sunscreen, or rather that I would ever use enough to get sufficient sun protection. Its also a tad bit too glittery for my taste… Honestly I’m kind of glad I don’t love it because its a lot of money that I don’t have at the moment.

  3. I went to Neimans North Park this weekend to try this but they were sold out. I got a sample of the darker shade and I love the texture of the cream.

  4. ” The secret ingredient is Retinol, which penetrates the skin layer deep to stimulate collagen growth– it also has spf 20 so you don’t have to worry about sun exposure.”

    Don’t anti aging creams contains Retinol? If anti aging creams does have Retinol, then why don’t we see results on certain products that claims their products does have Retinol? Or maybe its the quantity that matters?