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Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall 2011


It’s all about a man bag at Louis Vuitton for fall! Gentlemen, can you dig it? Widely accepted in Europe and Asia for decades, it’s a virtually nonexistent look amongst straight men in the U.S. While I won’t be holding my breath to see this look take off, I must say the bags are beautifully made and are very masculine and discreet (nary a single logo in sight). The 100% vachetta leather man clutch is particularly stunning. Moving on, there’s the new Damier Infini line of soft calfskin bags that are gorgeous! I love the tangerine color–I only hope that they actually make it to be sold! The third major component of the fall line was a group of vintage-inspired waxed leather bags that feature “cracks” to mimic as if you’ve had it for generations. They’re masculine, discreet and terribly chic. I’m saving up my pennies already. These are some must-have bags.




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  1. The bags are lovely. That being said, I doubt the man bag trend will catch on with straight American men as most love just carrying a wallet and keys and almost die if they have to even hold a woman’s purse.

  2. I prefer bags with shoulder straps to be carried like a messenger, but as far as top-handles go… It’s like a relaxed briefcase. Diggin it and Man Snob, as always.

  3. The duffles are okay, but I doubt if my husband would wear them. They kind of look like a purse. I think that most men would just find them impractical.

    And, with all due respect, the bag in the second picture looks like a woman’s clutch.

  4. man bags aren’t exactly “widely accepted” in Europe. You’ll see men with a leather briefcase or a mailman Freitag, but that’s about it. Men here don’t really carry satchels, clutches and the like.

  5. I’m praying these bags/clutchs will be released. I am due for a new one and I will be one happy man if they allow it to go into production