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Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Straw Rosa Tote: Summertime, and the living’s Frugal


I know, I know, I know. I have been obsessed with straw-looking bags lately. I know. They are just so… warm looking, This little Marc by Marc Jacobs number will be perfect in a few months when it’s time to shed the heavy layers, colors and style of winter and slip on something a little more fun. It is also easy on the wallet; as you will be stocking up on new swimsuits, dresses, sandals and sun block, this will only set you back $178.

This summer tote has a straw exterior with faux-leather handles and a detachable pouch to keep beach funds safe. It comes in a bright blue or sunshine yellow to perfectly compliment the colors of the seaside.

Grab this bag, throw this little number on over your suit and you’re beach bound, and still have a few bucks to spare!

$178 @ ShopBop


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  1. It’s a great beach bag. But, I can’t fathom spending that kind of money on something that is definitely seasonal, non-leather, and would get damaged. I love the colors though.

  2. I liked it until I saw the faux leather handles. Even if it is only $178 that’s enough to expect leather handles. So it’s a pass for me due to that alone.

  3. I wish it was leather handles, holding a faux-leather handle in a hot summer day could be really sticky and unpleasant. I was never a fan of pvc made handbags, yuck!