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Marc Jacobs JJ Patent-Leather Corsage Clutch (Prom Queen Worthy)


I would feel like a prom queen every night of the week if I carried this clutch! I’m seeing pure retro glamour, thanks to the glossy stamped leather and gleaming “corsage” starburst – as no prom night ensemble would be complete without a corsage (and a tiara of course but I have that covered, I’ve been collecting and wearing tiaras for years). At first glance, it reads ultra-ornamental, but this bag is deceptively practical. Function is all in the details. At 9″ long, it’s a good-sized clutch, and with a leather shoulder strap on the detachable chain-link strap, it’s easy on bare shoulders. Savvy design and a wallop of whimsy – it’s the best of both worlds. Just keep your jewels minimal (very difficult for me as you all know I love sparkly stuff) and the rest of your look simple; you don’t want to look like you’re actually en route to junior prom.

Marc Jacobs JJ Patent-Leather Corsage Clutch at for $750



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  1. I have this in burgundy with a pink “corsage”. I love it! The corsage is removable and actually doubles as a pin, but I leave it on the bag. This is such a great small bag.