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My Five Essentials: Featuring Lauren Sherman of

You’ve all heard us go on about collecting a fabulous bag wardrobe comprised of our Five Essentials: Tote Bag, Travel Bag, Treasure (exotic) Bag, Trendy Bag, and The Clutch (but no worries if you haven’t, you are going to get a quick crash lesson!).  We thought it would be fun to start a weekly Monday feature called “My Five Essentials” and ask our favorite fashion editors and celebs to share their Five Essentials bags of the season with you!

We are kicking off this series with Lauren Sherman, Editor of Fashionista.comthe online bible for everything fashionable.  Check out Lauren’s Five Essential Bags for the season below (her dream bag is an exotic from Hermes– I had a feeling she was a bag snob!).



Tote Bag: I am craving Celine’s Boston tote. I love the curved seems, as well as the structured roominess.



Travel Bag: Longchamp’s ‘It’ Bag–I take this everywhere with me–and it’s lined in a rubbery canvas, which means it’s waterproof!


Treasure (exotic) Bag: Hermes Kelly in black crocodile with gold hardware. My dream bag.


Trendy Bag: Victoria Beckham nubuck shoulder bag. I love pretty much everything VB does.


The Clutch: PS1 clutch. It’s fun and easy.

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