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Nair Hair Remover- For the Face: Feel the burn


Okay, so in response to my post about my past waxing ordeal, I received a tip that I should try Nair instead for those face places you want super smooth and soft.

I bought the little Nair tube for about $4 at a drug store (online here for $6.99) and went to work on my investigation. Keep in mind, I have extremely fine, blond hair on my face so if you are of the darker hair sector, you may get different results. The tube is an applicator as well that looks a lot like a lip gloss top and you are to smooth it on your skin (do NOT rub in) and leave it on for about 5 minutes. I used it on my upper lip only, because I like my eyebrows to be shaped by someone else. The result was pain-free hair removal for almost all of the little fuzz I wanted off. However, I am a perfectionist, so after rinsing my face with warm water, I yet again, attacked my face with this cream. Not smart. This formula is super sensitive and should not give most people problems, however, if you over use it (use it twice within ten minutes without giving your skin a second to breathe) you may get a bit of a burn. Mine wasn’t bad, but it was definitely dry in a few spots above my lip for a few days after.

That being said, it was an easy, mostly painless way to get rid of unwanted face fuzz without running through the mall looking like you were just punched in the face.

Pick it up at most drug stores, or on Amazon



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  1. I was using Nair on my face because I have a bad reaction to waxing. But what I didn’t like was the weird, ultra sensitive feeling it gives my skin for several days after. I prefer the Emjoi Total Concept 2-In-1 Epilator. It does a good job of removing the hair from under the surface like waxing does. The hair grows in much slower than when using a cream hair remover.