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Proenza Schouler Large Leather PS1 Keep All


I love love love the PS1 but it never worked into my life. But this Keep All version definitely will. It seemed just like yesterday that I declared that I’ll be switching to only shoulder and other hands free bags but that was before I realized I was wrong. Hands free are wonderful but an amazing bag is still pure bliss no matter how many limbs are required to handle it. Everyone who has ever designed a bag has done the flap closure but nothing this ingenious – the cut-out flap goes over the envelope pocket like puzzle pieces. Proenza Schouler is THE it bag designer of the moment. They are giving us original bags with pure design – no gimmicks, embellishment or use of unique fabrications. I don’t have to tell you how much I love the midnight color, it is the greatest neutral that shows off all the details beautifully. At Barneys New York for $1350.



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  1. I have been on the fence about the PS1 because I didn’t like that it was on a long strap with all these buckles. But I love this version. It is now on my wish list!!

  2. I dont get this bag. The PS1 is genius, but this is awkward, no? It looks like three design elements competing with each other. The handles dont fit the bag & the flap conflicts with the pocket. And I’m guessing that the straps on the front have to remain undone in order to get into the bag? They didn’t need to make this.

  3. Hi Kelly — I know your post was months ago. But, I just wanted to get your valuable opinion. For the Large Keepall PS, which colour do you like better: the midnight or the saddle. Which colour do you think brings out the best of the bag and its design.

    I am really loving this bag. But, I really cannot decide on the colour. Hope you can help!