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Teeth Bonding: Gap, be gone!


So I was born with a gap in my two front teeth. Not just any gap. A large gaping whole that my best friend used to ask me if I could fit a straw in-between to drink things…Which I could. So in 8th grade after much begging and pleading my case to my parents as to how closing said gap would make not only my life better, but everyone’s lives around me, she let me get braces. Looking back, this wasn’t a victory. Braces were annoying, painful and within one day of having them on, my gap was gone. One year later, when the braces were off, it took one day for gappy to come back. He’s a persistent SOB. So then we moved on to mouth surgery. A “frenectomy” is what it’s called. Basically they remove some of the front gums behind your front teeth (gruesome, I know, my dentist recommended it, needless to say, I still hide when I see him in the grocery store). This was awful, painful, and took stitches. What did gappy do? Came back days later, taunting me. I gave up all hope during college and it wasn’t until I moved to New York when I decided I have had enough. I went to a cosmetic dentist who within 5 minutes said, “Oh, yea, we’ll slap some bonding on that.” I sat flabbergasted. All these years, all this time, all anyone had to do was put some white glue like resin stuff on my teeth and problem solved? I was astounded. The bonding took approx 20 minutes, looked perfect and that 2 years later, still looks great. Oh, and it was about $250 compared to the $2,000 in braces and mouth surgeries that was spent. My teeth looked whiter, my gap was gone, and I was happy as a clam.

It may sound ridiculous to go to all this trouble for a silly gap, but it got so frustrating that I took it on as a mission. It was like a mystery no one could solve- how to close gappy for good. Well, my cosmetic dentist cracked the case. If you have a similar problem, look into bonding. You may be pleasantly surprised.

*Disclaimer- those are not my actual teeth pictured. I avoided smiling with teeth when gappy was around. But those are teeth that have been bonded.


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  1. lol…Gappy sounds like a it was a real nuisance.

    I’m having braces for the second time because my teeth shifted right back after they were taken off. The good thing is that the treatment will be fast, but I’m sure they’ll start shifting AGAIN once the braces are off. Le sigh…It’s a vicious cycle.

  2. He was a difficult little guy! I’m sorry about the second round of braces. I hope it goes fast! It is a vicious cycle. My dentist just told me he thought my bottom teeth have moved a bit in the past 5 years and I could benefit from braces. I wanted to smack him in the head with my complimentary tooth brush.

  3. That’s good to know. I’ve never liked my gap.

    I almost got braces when I was in middle school but it didn’t happen.

    I usually avoid the dentist anyway, too many bad experiences but I’ll have to keep bonding in mind next time I’m able to go.

  4. I actually ended up getting this done in upstate NY on a long weekend because the place I found in NYC was booked for months, but I think almost all cosmetic dentists do bonding! I definitely recommend it.

  5. Bonding, what a funny fancy name for what would be described as regular white fillings.

    For those who have worn braces, make sure you get a fixed or bonded retention appliance, sucks for flossing but it keeps your teeth from bugging later on.

  6. How big was your gap? I hate mine and it’s huge and I have NO pictures of me smiling, just a stupid little smirk. Mine is probably about 3mm and all I can afford is bonding. But reading your post (fit a straw through it) is giving me hope. Please respond if you get this, years later.

  7. I have a gap too. When I say it’s the worst thing that could ever happen to me, it definitely tops the charts. I don’t like cheesing in public. I always have to cover my mouth while laughing or smiling, which is too much work but it is what it is. I honestly don’t know how big my gap is, but neither of my fingers can fit in it, and my tongue cannot either, so it’s pretty small. But I still notice it even if others around me don’t! My confidence level has decreased because of this gap! Sometimes I wake up hoping the gap was just a nightmare. It’s so bad, sometimes I stuff tissue between my gap. It’s horrible. I’m begging my mother to let me get me teeth bonded, but she says my teeth are nice. -_____-