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Valentino Pre-Fall 2011


There was a little bit of something for everyone at Valentino’s pre-fall open house. The bags go from downright practical to over-the-top HOT. I was immediately drawn to a medium-sized crocodile bag that had both the double chain strap to wear across the body but also a nifty side piece that bore the house’s trademark studs. The bag can be worn as a clutch by sliding your hand into the grip. It looks very chic! For those whose budget don’t dictate croc, this style also comes in leather, python and other fabrications. As part of the Rock Stud expansion, there are now totes of every shape and size available for whatever suits your mood. The all-leather pewter tote with double handheld straps and one long shoulder strap serves a fabulous purpose for both work and weekend while a rubbery waterproof tote, also trimmed with the studs, is fun and practical for when the weather is less than ideal.




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  1. What I liked about Valentino is that it always seemed so girly and elegant. I am really hating this new stud direction they are going in. Not only does it seem like they are late on a dying (thank goodness) trend, but I find all of these studs a distraction from the beauty of their pieces. Less is more. This is not a collection I have any interest in.