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AHAVA Pure Treat Dead Sea Liquid Salt: Dead Sea, Lively Skin


If you love scrubbing with sea salt but hate the fact that most of it ends up falling on the floor, here’s the solution – AHAVA‘s Pure Treat Deep Sea Liquid Salt. This thick gel sticks to your skin and requires no actual rubbing, so your hands don’t take a rough beating. The results are miraculous – dead skin all washes away, leaving your body super soft. Whether it’s just psychological or not, I actually feel lighter after using this incredible salt gel. I like to use it on dry skin before I shower for the maximum effect. But caution – this is the real deal. It is actual salt (yes, I tasted it!) so it might start to itch and sting if left on too long. Best yet, it is priced for the frugal beauty snob beauty. And it’s great for detoxing when you’re sick (or, sometimes worse, hungover!) – it is a thorough cleaning that gets your body back to how it’s meant to be – baby smooth. At for $17.41 (for 6.8 oz).



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  1. OOO this sounds awesome! My feet and legs always feel so so smooth after a day at the beach. I love scrubs for my body. I’m using Body Shop’s Coconut Scrub and Yes To Carrots Body Scrub but THIS WILL BE ON MY LIST SOON 😉

  2. big disappointment! i can get the same results from using my hair gel all over my body. are there 2 different kinds of this product? I am thinking I purchased the wrong one 🙁

    The bottle that I purchased does not say “PURE TREAT” but it is Ahava Liquid Dead Sea Salt.