Alaïa Large Perforated Tote: Peek-a-Boo Appeal


Nothing says “summer” to me like a fetching perforated tote bag. While I hate totally see-through bags (who wants to flash their most personal belongings to the world? Tampons? Concealer?), Alaïa’s has enough coverage to be discreet, due to the delicate design and solid leather side panels. With such intricate perforation, it almost has a lace-like effect. The light tan is soft and neutral, perfect for summer and will transition well into fall. But I would take advantage of the large size all summer long. Throw in all your summer essentials – bikini, hat, sunscreen, an extra tank – because you never know when you’ll get invited to a last-minute pool party! At Net-a-Porter for $3400.

Pair with: What else shouts “summer”? Dannijo’s “Minitaka” silver-plated and crystal ankle, that’s what. It’s very “glamorous hippie” and it’s chunky enough to work with a big bag. On Net-a-Porter for $345.

3 thoughts on “Alaïa Large Perforated Tote: Peek-a-Boo Appeal

  1. love everything about this bag!!!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Very cute and feminine. I didn’t even know that Alaia made handbags.

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