Alexander McQueen Wicca Bag Not for Witches



In recent seasons, Céline’s box bag has launched multitudes of similar shapes and styles. McQueen’s simple black boxicon leather version also pulls double duty as a top-handled clutch. While the convertible aspect is delightful, the zippered interior compartments will only fit credit cards/ID or cash. I’m always willing to scale down what I carry for a fabulous little bag, though I can’t help but wish this one had more of the snazzy details for which McQueen is known. For instance, a sprinkling of studs on the strap would have made this much more exciting. Clearly, they are going for simple elegance – I could envision this on my table while lounging in a Parisian café. Tres Godard! But perhaps that should be left to the more simple, elegant designers. We rely on McQueen to pack a punch; this classy bag would punctuate an ensemble well, but it doesn’t say bam!

Play it prim and proper and don it with Lanvin’s leather ballerina flats, again simple, but embellished with rosettes on the toe.

8 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen Wicca Bag Not for Witches

  1. Karenare on said:

    This is quite a simple bag from mcqueen however it is a nice change from the skulls and what have you.

  2. michelle on said:

    Hi Tina:

    On Friday, I went to the new Tom Ford store on Rodeo Drive. I looked at his bags. Most of the bags that he designed are made with oversized zippers on the bottom of the bag as well as on the top. I was wondering if you have seen the bags and what your opinion is??



    (p.s.) Can you please answer my question. This is the third time that I have asked it.

  3. This looks like the Louis Vuitton Monceau.

  4. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    Hi michelle

    apologies for not responding sooner! I was just at his boutique on Madison and saw the bags. They’re made incredibly well with clean lines but I can not get over those zippers…! Were you planning on purchasing the bag for work?

  5. michelle on said:

    No, I was not buying it for work. I just wasn’t sure about the zippers. The bags seemed to be overdone with the zippers. Thanks.

  6. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    The zippers are an overkill!

  7. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    gpc, I love this other version but can do without the leaves. lol Thanks for sending it! xoxo

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